28 September 2011

Overcoming Stress In Simple but Powerful Extraordinary - 8 Tips

There's always the problem of whack and create the motivation to live on the downside. And if the mind is not able to contain it is definitely stress and might be crazy. This can be dangerous! Once. Well for that there are some tips to overcome stress in a simple but extraordinary.


One of the tips to avoid stress which proved successful. That is by shouting! When stressed, we will feel something is jammed in the liver. Remove the uneasy feeling that alone. Yelling at full speed. In order not ashamed ... ama neighbors yelling in soundproof rooms. If you do not have time in the field so no one else. Cope with stress as a whole might not, but at least it would be much better than before


How to cope with stress by yelling may be difficult for those who do not have an adequate environment. Then try to relax.

What is it? Anyway it's good for yourself heart and body become calm. How! Just sit relaxed facing the mirror. Then take a deep breath slowly. But do not hold direct deh .. exhale it slowly too.

The effect was more calm heart and increased the motivation of life.

 3. Got a Hobby?

The easiest way to deal with stress, is to do a hobby. You have a hobby soccer, listen to free songs, why did not you do to overcome sress?

Ask why?

4. Make yourself laugh.

This article does not tell you stress to laugh himself. Because it is not stressful anymore but it leads to INSANE. The purpose of this stress tips is to cope with stress by watching / reading something funny.

But there are still many things that can make us laugh like a funny video on youtube, the website of humor, or maybe a book of humor.

5. Drinking Milk

It was said that milk can be a powerful stress tips. According to the article stress that I read, the milk can reduce the levels of the hormone adrenaline in the blood. Stress the same way mengasi with pepatash 'while diving while drinking milk "

6. Do not Save Yourself Problems.

If so-so money is saved. But then why stress should also be kept alone. Discuss your problem with the people closest to you whether it's friends, relatives or Mother. How to cope with stress is most easily ...

7. What is competition?

One of the motivational speaker living always say: Life is always there is competition for the better. That is true ... but that does not mean every day we have to think not.

Coping with stress: Do not think too much competition you get better than anyone else especially jealous. Just think yourself to always do the best.

8. Always see the positive side.

As Einstein said mas: all is relative. You think bad things does not mean others will consider it ugly. Confused? The core of this article stress is there any good sides and bad sides.

When you see the bad side then it is stress. When you see the good it is motivation to live.

10 Techniques Considering Talks

Facts show that most people only remember 50% of what someone says in 24 hours. Some people only remember less than 25% only.

Our brain capacity is limited. That is why we can not remember everything that happened throughout our lives. Including the contents of the conversations that we do with anyone in 24 days. Worse seringkalai 'lost' the conversation occurs when we are in the middle pembacaraan important. When they asked that the conversation is over, you forget what they had just said. If so, you probably will not be mistaken for not listening or even interested in the talks.

But do not be discouraged if you experience it. Well, so you do not always lose the contents of the conversation, try these tips:

1. Take It Easy

The stress of work piling up, deadlines or in a state of confusion, often makes the mind so it does not focus. As a result, when teribat in the conversation, you do not listen to everything because (perhaps) your mind drift into the issue earlier. Solution: do not panic, tetalah bersikaptenang. Pull long nadas deeply and say to myself "Do not Worry be happy." Calm attitude will affect your brain power. By staying concentrated on what is happening in front of you.

2. Perform Visualization

Your friend was telling you? Or the boss is telling you to do something? To help remember, try creating a picture in the mind. Most people are more visual auditory dibanging making it easier to remember something you see in the mind compared to what you hear through your ears.

3. call Name

In order for others to remember what you say is the way with them often refer to the person's name throughout the conversation. Psychologically, your brain is programmed to continuously listen to when you mentioned naa. So, if you often call the other person, it is unlikely he would not listen. Solution: try to apply this to state otherwise. If you find that the other person does not often mention your name, try to be more sensitive as a second person, ie 'you', you and him.

4. Remember Mama Message

Remember how I told mom that you looked into the eyes of people who are talking to you (the recipient) as the rules of good manners? Apparently this is not just seksedar rules of karma you know? Looking into the eyes of people who actually talked to the bus to help eliminate distractions so you berbeicara listening easier.

5. Self-command

You would be hard to remember if you do not feel need it or if not ordered you to remember. So, always say to yourself that you want to remember certain parts of the conversation and concentrate on that part. Believe it or not, this way will improve your ability to remember samai 2-fold. This is because you remember what you want to remember.

6. note

In order to be remembered again, it could not hurt your record penitng points of a conversation. The habit of noting this is the most effective way so that you do not forget with all the contents of the conversation that you have done

7. Get Organized

It's the same ritual every day will make your mind and your emotions follow the same pattern. That is why, it is advisable occasionally to get rid of the usual routines, For something new, is believed to refresh the mind and affect positi to you. Even so, to keep your mind healthy and memory kuta, you are advised to live orderly and well planned. This will make you able to remember things easily.

8. sport

The doctors and health experts say that exercise can be launched and improve blood circulation to the brain. This find will give a positive influence on the brain. The brain can work more fresh so it will be easier for you to remember everything that will and already do.

9. learn to Sing

Still remember you used to grow bagaimaan English vocabulary through songs or capture the romantic lyrics with singing? Indeed, music has been shown to strengthen the mind, to channel the creativity and even heal the body. By learning to sing, you not only find your voice, but also expand the association and develop memory. Fact: thanks to The Mozart Effect, high school students in America who sing or play music to reach 51 points higher on the national final exams.

10. New activity

You are also encouraged to perform physical activity just to refresh the mind. During physical activity the mind will work more actively. You can make a new sport or recreation to temapt you've never visited. You realize the mind will work more actively as long as you perform the new activity. You will feel the satisfaction and peace of batik that you've never felt before! Well, after that, your brain will be ready for new things to remember anymore.


Knowing the Nature of Man Of Letters Home

Let's see what's in a letter next to your name

You are not romantic but more interested in action. With you, what is seen is acquired. You do not have the patience to play the eye and did not bother to wait on someone who is demure, sweet, polite and pretended to be very attractive. You are someone at the front. Physical attractiveness is important for your partner.

You love the romantic atmosphere, filled with an atmosphere full dinner with wine. You love to receive gifts as a token of love from the couple. You want to be pampered and know how to pamper your partner. You can control the passions and abstain from sex if need so. You require new sensations and experiences. You want to experiment.

You are a very social person therefore important to have a personal relationship. You need the closeness and togetherness. You should be able to talk with a partner before, during and after sex. You want the object of your affection is socially acceptable and visible
handsome / beautiful. You see love as a friend and companion.

Once your head telling you that you need someone, you start to move vigorously to pursue it, whoever and wherever the person he is. You do not give up easily. You're the type pursuer of the opposite sex, and have a passion ngemong care if anyone else had a problem. You are encouraged by the eccentric and unusual, free and open.

Your greatest need is to talk. If your date is not a good listener, your relationship could be bad. Your spouse must be appealing intellectually. If not, you will not be sexually attracted to her. You need a friend for a lover and a companion to a friend sleep. You hate disharmony and disruption, but enjoy the occasional debate.

You include the idealist and romantic as well as a devotee of the opposite-sex. Your search for the best life partner. You love to flirt but once committed, you are very loyal to the couple. You are sensual, sexy and passionate in private. You appear in public
happy to show off, luxurious and handsome.

You people are very picky, looking for perfection in yourself and lover. You only respond to lovers who are intellectually equal or more and people who can improve the status. You are a sensual and know bagamana reached the peak of erotic stimulation because you
do it very carefully.

You are looking for a partner who can raise the reputation and gain skills. You are very kind to lovers at a time through commitment. Your gifts are actually an investment for the couple. Before undergoing a commitment, you are a sensual and patient lover. When you have liked someone to be waiting until whenever heartbreaking partner likes. Dare to compete and fully

Untukdicintai you have a great need and desire to be appreciated ... even worshiped. You enjoy luxury, sensuality and physical pleasure. You look for lovers who know what to do. You are not interested in an amateur but amateur in need of a tutor. You nag and spend a lot of energy to make a wish fulfilled.

You are very romantic and luxury associated with love. Having a partner is very important to you, but sometimes very difficult to obtain. You are free in expressing love and want to take a chance with multiple partners, sex with a partner try new experiences, makes it all feels good. Trigger your brain. You must feel that the pair pushed intellectually.

No other word you really incredible awesome !!!!! (Ga sich ah. believes in future .. hehe ..)

You are very romantic, idealistic sometimes believe that love means sacrifice. You end the relationship or attracting the hearts of people who have an unusual problem. You see yourself as a savior lover. You are sincere, loving, full of passion and dreams. You easily fall in love. You fantasize and compelled by movies and magazines. You do not tell the secret of life to others. Not also your sexual fantasies.

Emotional and passionate. When involved in a relationship, you throw your whole self in it. Nothing can stop you, no one else is holding you back crossbar. Your all-out and crave someone who is just full of love and excitement. You believe in total sexual freedom. You want to try all. Your sexual energy supply there is no death. You also pleased to act like a mother? for couples.

Excuse me ... you suck in bed (upzzz. ... sorry)

You are very interested in sexual activity but very closed and embarrassed to admit this desire. You can drive a lot of sexual energy and to generate money or seeking power. You easily can extend the period you are single. Your loving,
passionate, lovers demanding the same sex and couples.

You are very conscious of social norms. You would not think of doing something harmful to the image or reputation. Appearance is important. You need a partner who looks handsome / pretty good too. Sayahnya, you sometimes see your partner as the enemy to drive vibrations sex.

You need activity and constant encouragement. You've got a lot of physical energy. Not easy for a couple to stay together with you, either sexually or anything else. You are an enthusiastic lover and tend to be attracted to people of other ethnic groups. You need romance, hearts and flowers and the heart of many conversations to continue to increase arousal and sexual activity.

You are very logical and very action-oriented. You need someone who can follow the steps and intellectually equal, smarter is better. You become aroused more quickly because of the encouragement of mind than a beautiful body. But physical attraction is very important to you. You should feel proud of your partner.

You are very close, hold back and shy. You are very sexy, sensual and bengairah but did not allow this. Only in the intimacy of a personal nature let you unlock your secrets. When sex becomes the fundamentals, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks, and could be on the stage or playing around and make your love life very seriously. You have the patience to wait for the right person.


You are very sensitive, personal and sexually passive. You like the couple who took the lead. Msuik, dim lights and romantic thoughts increase your passion. You fantasize, but do not easily fall in love. When being in love, you can be romantic, idealistic, bubbling, and very excited.

You act enthusiastic and idealistic when in love. When not in love, you fall in love and always looking for someone to adore. You see romance as challenge. Your sex drive is strong and eager to immediately admired. You want to put a couple of fun on your own.

Individualist and you need freedom, space and excitement. You wait until know someone well before committing. Knowing someone means menjiwainya. You feel the need to understand the content of their heads to understand what moves mambuatnya. You are interested in the eccentric type. Often there is an age difference between you and your partner.

You are very proud, determined, and rejected a challenge when pursuing love. Your ego is at stake. You are romantic, idealistic and often fall in love with love itself and does not see the couple as himself. You feel really throw your whole self into the relationship. Nothing is too good for couples. You enjoy the courtship.

You need constant stimulation because it is easily bored. You can be dating more than one person with ease. You can not turn off your mind. You keep talking while having sex. You have a great love affair, all by yourself and in the head.

You sexy, sensual and very independent. If you do not get it in your own way, you stop everything. You want to control relationships do not always go well you respond to a physical drive, enjoy a touch on the neck and spent many hours just to touch, feel and explore.

For you business must take precedence over matters of sex. If you are plagued career affairs, business or affairs of money, you will be hard to get relaxed and the mood for sex. .

14 September 2011

10 Tas Wanita Termahal Yang Paling Di Cari

Tas dan perempuan sudah menjadi dua komoditas yang tidak bisa dipisahkan. Tercatat semenjak abad 14 perempuan sudah menenteng tas untuk membawa barang seperti bedak, kipas, botol parfum dan lain-lain. Sampai sekarang, tas masih menjadi teman setia perempuan, namun sampai sejauh mana kamu berniat membayar harga sebuah tas? Apakah clutch seharga USD 3.8 juta dollar atau sekitar Rp 32 milyar, atau tas tangan seharga Rp 352 juta masuk akal menurut kamu? Mari kita simak 10 tas wanita termahal dengan bandrol harga spektakuler.

Cekidut yu gannn

Ternyata Bentuk Iphone 5 Seperti Iphone 4 ??

Wah mengejutkan bukan??Apa iya kejadian minor change seperti Iphone 3G ke 3Gs bakal berulang??Rumornya siy begitu…..

Emang sangat mengejutkan siy,padahal udah dari beberapa waktu yang lalu isu seputar Apple Iphone 5 ramai bergulir di dunia maya dan dunia nyata..banyak pihak yang berspekulasi bahwa penampakan dan bentuk dari Iphone 5 ini bakal banyak mengalami perubahan total dan mempunyai bentuk yang lebih baik lagi dari seri Iphone4 tentunnya. Tapi dari info terupdate yang gw dapet, ternyata Apple gak banyak melakukan perubahan yang berarti dari sisi bentuk Iphone5 sendiri,.Kini ramai di dunia maya beredar seputar penampakan Iphone5 lho, padahal pihak Apple sendiri belum resmi kapan akan melauching Gadget terbarunya tersebut..,sialnya sekali lagi mereka kecolongan mengenai bocorannya bentuk dari Iphone5 di berbagai web yang sebelumnya rapat-rapat mereka sembunyikan. Bahkan di cina sana,suda hada yang menjual replika dari Iphone5 dengan harga yang sangat wah murahnya

 Iphone5 Replika

Ada beberapa sumber menyebutkan bahwa Apple Iphone 5 tak akan berbeda jauh bentuknya dengan seri Iphone4 pendahulunya, bahkan layarnya di klaim hanya sebesar 3.5inch dengan penggunaan material yang juga hampir sama. Hanya saja ada beberapa sedikit perubahan jeroan yang di lakukan oleh Apple, seperti penggunaan OS terbaru iOS 5 Lion terbaru,prosesor A5 1GHz dual core yang di jamin membuat gadget ini jadi lebih ngacirrrrrr, serta di benamkannya Kamera 8.1 Mpx serta Kamera depan VGA..

Tapi sekali lagi ini baru berdasarkan rumor yang beredar,selebihnya kita tunggu saja penampakan sesungguhnya saat Apple akan melaunchingnya nanti..hehehehhe

12 September 2011

Inilah Penampilan Suzuki GW250, Cekidot Gambar dan Videonya

Tanpa banyak basa basi Langsung aja dah liad penampakan keren si Baby B-King ini..cekidut broo :

Tampilan gede dan sangar…dengan bobot hampir 178kg..di jamin kekar!!!

Stang bertipe Clip On seperti yang konsepnya mirip seperti Stang Suzuki satria Fu, hanya saja ini lebih tinggi..ya nm nya jg motor Touring,,

terdapat fitur pengatur jarak main pada Tuas Handle rem, fitur wajib pada moge!!

Desain kuping yang panjang dan lebar, serta penempatan lampu sen yang mirip abeyssss kek Suzuki FXR150

Tangki lebar en Guede yang menyatu dengan Shroud

Stabilizer Shock…kek punyanya FXR,di jamin belok – belok bakal lebih stabil

Spakbor panjang dan lebar, pas bgt buad nahan cipratan aer dan lumpur dari profil ban yang juga lebar (ini orang aja mpe jinjit…tinggi keknya…xixixiixix)

Velg tapak lebar 3 Inchi, dan di padu dengan desain palang 3..aroma kaki mogenya kentel bener chuyyyyy

Footstep boncenger gantung…berguna juga sebagai bracket buad Dual muffler nya

Penggunaan tabung shock depan yang cukup gede,,segede kawak ninin250 lho,.di kombinasiin sama Caliper rem 2 piston dengan diameter cakram lebar

Belakang dengan Caliper Nissin 1 piston..cukup lhaa

Footstep congkelll

Desain Patern sama dengan desain rangka

 Videonya :

Berita terupdate yang gw dapet kini berdasarkan gambar Suzuki GW250 ini, akan segera Launching di Shanghai,Cina sana..sedang untuk Indonesia sendiri,motor ini baru akan brojol pastinya tahun depan, untuk detailnya kapan masih belum di ketahui, tapi santer beredar motor ini akan segera mengaspal paling cepat awal tahun atau Kwartal pertama 2012..Bandrolnya pun di kabarkan akan di set cukup kompetitif mengingat di kelas Touring 250CC  sendiri belum ada banyak pemain di dalamnya..

Tertarik??Mulai nabung dehhhh buad boyong Baby B-King a.k.a Suzuki GW 250 ini...hehehhehe

9 September 2011

Tips Menaikan Sinyal WiFi Dengan Kaleng Bir Bekas

Kreatifitas dan ide manusia dalam dunia teknologi dan computer memang gak ada matinya dah ah..x ini gw maw ngasih sedikit info mengenai bagaimana cara memboost sinyal Router Wifi pada modem dengan hanya bermodalkan kaleng bir bekas..xixixixi

Trik ini sendiri di klaim mampu menaikan bar sinyal Router Wifi sampai dengan 2 Bar..gw sendiri  semped nyoba tapi di karenakan modem wifi gw jeboooooooool T_T jadi useless dah..tapi ya gak ada salahnya kalo lo pengen cb trik ini..toh gak ngeluarin biaya mahal koq..cm butuh keterampilan aj :D
Oke de langsung aj gw jelasin cara bikinnya

·        -  Kaleng bir bekas..usahain jgn yg ada isinya, karena kita bukan maw mabok..hahahhaha
·        - Gunting
·        - Cutter
·        -  Lem
·        - Double Tape

Cara Membuat :

·         Cuci kaleng bir bila isinya sudah anda minum tentu saja. :-)
·         Setelah kering, lepas bagian penutup (cincin kaleng)
·         Potong bagian bawah kaleng dengan cutter sampai terlepas bagiannya
·         Juga potong bagian atas tetapi yang ini jangan sampai terlepas
·         Setelah itu gunting bagian tengah kaleng sehingga terbelah
·         Selanjutnya anda hanya perlu memasukkan lobang di kaleng ke antena
yang ada di router
·         Supaya tidak lepas, bagian atas kaleng ditempel ke router
 Niy gambar pengerjaannya : 

8 September 2011

Power New Yamaha YZF R15 Hanya 17Hp??

Meski New Yamaha YZF R15 sudah di refresh dengan tampilan dan tampang sedemikan Racy, ternyata di balik itu semua masih banyak bikers yang merasa kecewa dengan power yang di milikinya saat ini..Mengapa tidak?? Di balik tampangnya yang garang keren, ternyata power motor ini tak lebih dari angka 17 Hp dengan mesin yang masih berformat SOHC yang tak lain masih satu suku dengan mesin Yamaha Jupiter MX, Yamaha sendiri seolah tidak bisa berbuat banyak di sektor dapur pacu ini, banyak sekali pihak yang geleng2 dengan keputusan prematurnya ini.

Makanya kemarin gw sendiri sempet bilang motor ini sebenernya “Nyaris Sempurna” andai saja bisa di barengi dengan peningkatan di sektor dapur pacunya,..minimalnya motor dengan tampang seperti ini punya power skitar 19-20Hp dah..pastiny di jamin semakin klop dengan aroma racing yang di milikinya

Belajar Rahasia Ilmu SEO (part 3)

Ok deh langsung aja..sekarang kita coba belajar teknik dasar SEO mengenai Rahasia Ilmu SEO On Page dan SEO Off Page..bingung?? yu mariiii kita bahas

  • SEO On Page

NIy bagi yang belum paham tentang Rahasia Ilmu SEO OP..Ini adalah teknik dasar yang di gunakan pada halaman website/blog yang akan kita kelola, ya bahasa gampangnya kita kudu ngedit halaman / blog kita dengan memasukan Script khusus yang berbau SEO, trik dasar ini sanggat di percaya dan ampuh untuk menaikan peringkat web kita di mesin pencarian Google lho..ada beberapa jenis SEO OP, diantaranya :

a) keyword pada meta tag : ada 3 , meta tag title , description dan meta tag keyword
keyword pada nama file , nama file , judul , domain name , gambar , long tail
b) achor teks
c) inbound link
d) navigasi : header maupun sidebar
e) related posts
f) template yang friendly seo dll
Gimana??paham kan??nanti kita bahas lebih lanjut dan jelas

7 September 2011

New Yamaha YZF R15 Nyaris Sempurna!!!

Setelah menjadi topic perbincangan hangat di dunia blogsphere dan jagat socialbook marking, akhirnya New Yamaha YZF R15 brojol juga!! India lah yang mendapatkan kehormatan pertama kali sebagai tempat lahirnya motor yang berjuluk Baby R6 ini.. Launching sendiri di adakan hari ini tanggal 6 september 2011 waktu India,..pihak Yamaha india benar2 tidak mau kehilangan momentum tampaknya dalam acara launching yang mereka gelar ini, terbukti hajatan ini di hadiri oleh banyak wartawan media cetak dan elektronik serta online baik local maupun global..Karena kehadiran motor ini sendiri memang sudah menjadi buah bibir saat pertama kali Spyshoot nya tertangkap awal tahun ini, spontan saja motor kehadiran motor ini langsung mendapat apresiasi dan animo yang cukup tinggi bagi pecinta motor sports roda dua di dunia. Oke deh tanpa banyak basa basi lagi mending langsung saja tengok penampakan si anyar Yamaha YZF R15 2.0…cekidutttttttt

Belajar Rahasia Ilmu SEO (part 2)

Mengenal Dan Menggunakan SEO Smart Link Untuk Blogspot

Yo kali ini gw maw bahas sedikit tentang teknik SEO Smart Links..Apa itu SEO Smart Links?? Ini adalah sejenis script plugin yang biasanya terdapat pada wordpress yang berfungsi untuk merubah setiap kata or kiwod yang kita tentukan secara manual menjadi link yang aktif di postingan kita,..tapi bagi para pengguna Blogspot jangan berkecil ati dl,cause udah ada koq script SEO smart links untuk versi blogspot nya lho..seperti apa??cekidut yuuuuu bagi yang penasarang ingin belajar rahasia ilmu seo

Script ini pada logikanya selalu sama dengan versi wordpressnya,..yakni iah hanya akan membaca setipa kiwod yang di tentukan pada setiap postingan contohnya jika anda mengetik kata “belajar seo” di dalam script tersebut, maka secara otomatis semua halaman pada blogspot anda akan mengandung kiwod tersebut dan kiwodnya akan ngeLink langsung ke URL yang telah kita tentukan..Bingung??gak usah bingung,,,monggo di coba caranya

6 September 2011

Masakan Padang Itu Memang Sangat Berbeda Dan Unik

Sapa sey yang gak doyan masakan yang satu ini??dengan paduan bumbu yang khas dan penyajian yang pas, masakan padang termasuk salah satu kuliner yang benar-benar bikin lidah bisa bergoyang..Di pastikan hampir separuh penduduk Indonesia ini kenal dengan jenis masakan yang satu ini!!

The Doctor Valentino Rossi Sudah Pusing 7 Keliling Di Ducati

Ada apakah gerangan dengan sang "raja" saat ini??

Inilah Sepenggal pertanyaan yang sering di lontarkan para penggila motogp sejati akhir2 ini..Malang en pait bner nasib The Doctor Valentino Rossi kini,setelah di awal musim bekerja keras buad nyembuhin cedera bahunya...kini si Doctor kembali lagi mendapat masalah serius yakni kudu nyembuhin penyakit berkepanjangan yang ada pada tungganganya saat ini..ya itu si Ducati Desmosedici GP 11.1 yang konon kata abang vale dan mbah burgees sendiri meyakini motor ini menyisakan banyak sekali permasalahan di beberapa sektor,setelah tahun lalu motor ini padahal sempat di keluhkan juga oleh Stoner lho,tapi saat itu doi emang gak terlalu ngotot buad ngembangin lagi si desmo, di karenakan doi saat itu emg udah menyatakan mantap pindah ke team HRC Repsol Honda yang di belanya sekarang..klo gw blg c permasalahan GP 11.1 ini bukan beberapa,tapi ampir semuaaaa jangan2.,wkwkwkwk..

5 September 2011

Belajar Rahasia Ilmu SEO (part 1)

Setelah beberapa hari yang lalu dan hingga kini banyak sekali YM dan PM yang menanyakan ke gw gimana siy cara SEO yang benar dengan instan? Atau ada yang minta tips dan trik cara nge SEO web – web pribadi mereka agar berada di halaman 1 google..Dengan diplomatis gw jawab, SEO gak ada yang Instan!!kalao situ mau instan ya kudu pk Engine Tools or Robot,tapi inget resiko cukup tinggi dan menyebabkan web anda bakal di Blacklist langsung oleh mbah Google!!

So dari pada pusing-pusing pake cara instan dalam ber SEO, lebih bae gunain kaidah dan aturan yang ada, atau istilahnya White Hat SEO. Karena dengan cara seperti ini dijamin posisi web anda pada mesin pencari google bakal awet dan susah buad di goyah, ya meskipun ini gak instan tapi belive it, White Hat SEO is whorted buad jangka panjang nantinya

Oke well langsung aja deh gw maw share sedikit tentang Rahasia Ilmu SEO sederhana yang biasa di lakukan para master SEO dalam menaikan Traffic, Pagerank, dan SERP untuk website yang mereka garap…Here we goooo :

Inilah Bocor Alus Sony Ericsson Xperia Nozomi


Ya itulah codename yang akan di sematkan oleh SonyEricsson kepada smartphone terbarunya nanti, rumornya ponsel pintar terbaru dari Soner ini akan di launching sesaat sebelum moment natalan. Sony Ericsson Nozomi sendiri kabarnya di jejali beberapa penyempurnaan menarik yang akan membuat smartphone ini akan menjadi salah satu produk Flagshipnya Soner menggantikan Xperia Arc terdahulu yang di rasa oleh para pengamat gadget sudah tidak sanggup untuk melawan arus serangan yang di lancarkan Oleh Samsung Galaxy S2.

Praktek SEO Sampingan Memang Lumayan Menyenangkan

Wah senangnya...Bulan kemaren si tengah super sibuknya gw..gw mendapat sedikit pencerahan dan ilmu lagi dalam dunia white hat SEO..hehehehe..sederhana en simple c triknya,tapi mayan mayan lha sama hasilnya,toh kiwod yan gw tembak langsung bisa ada di halaman 1 google dengan hanya dalam hitungan jam dengan kondisi kompetitor yang memang gak terlalu banyak bermain di kiwod tersebut, cuma kisaran di ratusan rebuuu..emang remeh c kedengerannya,tapi inget sekali lagi ini cuma modal buat gw untuk bisa menguasai kiwod2 laen yang gw incer..ya pegang lha saat ini gw lagi godok kiwod 3 kata and it works..So jika ingin memulai basic White hat SEO yang kuad tanpa menggunakan robot, mulai lha dahulu dari 4 atau 3 suku kiwod, kuasai kiwod tersebut dan kemudian naik lagi secara bertahap dan bertahap

4 September 2011

Yuk Kita Ngeblog^^

Apa kabar?? My Little Blog??..lama sudah tak bersua disini^^..

After sebulan yang lalu penuh dengan kesibukan kantor yang menggunung,bikin gw jadi susah bgt buad update blog kecil gw ini..Lagi2 soal masalah pekerjaan yang gw keluhin,cause i got bad news and goos news yang mana salah satunya berdampak dalam karir gw kedepan tentunya
Well as i predicted, my boss yang super pinter tapi kblenger udah mulai bermanuver buanterrrr.Apa yang doi lakuin kini berimbas ke gw dan tim gw..Mngkin mulai bulan ini gw gak lagi berada di posisi semula yakni  seorang Search Engine Optimization / SEO ..hufffft......Berat rasanya klo kudu ngelepas pekerjaan yang lo suka dan mengerjakaan pekerjaan yang gak sama sekali sreg di ati..ibarat kate kite kudu kepaksa injek tokai di tengah2 gang yang sempit ini..saar pilihannya cm 2,bertahan or di kick,sebenerny udah nyaman dengan kondisi sekarang,sayang kebijakan sekarang udah bikin gw gerah..